Introducing AvA Yachts

Specialising in Long-Range Explorer Yachts

AvA Yachts was established in 2005 as a naval architecture and engineering company by a group with over 25 years of experience in the field. In the past 14 years, Ava Yachts has developed and engineered the designs of many remarkable yachts in wide variety of Luxury Explorer Yachts, Motor and Sailing Yachts, Steel, Aluminum, Wooden, Grp structure yachts and more.

Today, AvA Yachts stand with more than 5000 sq.meters of facilities in a closed yard based in Antalya. With its highly skilled and competitive Turkish workforce, and with the infrastructure of Antalya Freezone in the Yacht Building field, AvA is well-equipped and aims to provide owners with high quality, luxurious vessels with contemporary stylings. Their purpose; to solidify their standing up with the very best yacht manufacturers in the world.

AvA Yachts designs each new yacht inside and out completely in house. AvA Yacht’s designers are specialised in producing a large spectrum of vessels including high performance yachts, high speed passenger ferries, patrol boats, luxurious long-range explorers among many others.