Vicem 82 Cruiser

Vicem 82 Cruiser

Introducing the Vicem 82 Cruiser

The 82 Cruiser epitomises the three values upon which Vicem prides themselves: A classic look and timeless design, unmatched craftsmanship with a commitment to total customisation and utilising their specialised cold moulded method of construction. This yacht has been  subtle yet sophisticated makeover with a number of new refinements designed to appeal to a wide range of knowledgeable owners.

On this yacht our trademark interior high-gloss surfaces have given way to the understated beauty of satin-finish mahogany, accentuated by neutral-coloured fabrics and the discerning use of leather appointments. Guests will also appreciate having more natural light stream into social areas through markedly larger windows.

Leigh Smith Yachts offers new Vicem for sale. Contact us for more information on the Vicem 82 Cruiser and other models available.

Basic Specs

  • Length Overall
    82′ 0” – 25 m
  • Beam
    21′ 0” – 6.40 m
  • Draft
    5′ 9” – 1.75 m
  • Fuel Capacity
    2168 gals – 8206 l
  • Water Capacity
    430 gals – 1628 l
  • Standard Engine
    2x 1100 hp MAN V10 1100 CRM @ 2300 RPM


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Vicem is a company with a mission: To blend craftsmanship borne from years of finely honed woodworking skills with the most advanced technologies available. The goal is to produce yachts that fully satisfy “The happy few.” An unwavering devotion to quality is the star around which three our key values orbit: Total Customization, Timeless Design, and Excellence in Craftsmanship.

Total Customization

Each and every Vicem Yachts is a unique piece of art – handcrafted and totally customized to suit owners’ personal taste and wishes. From Vicem’s earliest days, we have challenged ourselves to really listen to their customers, to absorb their ideas, and to work tirelessly to channel them into the finest yachts afloat. From the very first pencil stroke to the final splash on the Bosporus, Vicem’s artisans listen, learn, interpret, and then accomplish. The result: Every boat is unique in character, exquisitely “tailor-made” for the special person who first dreamed her.

Timeless Design

The best boats succeed on tough waters. The best boat company’s succeed on the docks! It is there (from Newport to Portofino) that owners, captains and competitors share their hard-earned judgments. Time and again, Vicem’s designs come out on top. Called “The very best ambassador of Down-east style yachting”, Vicem’s timeless designs produce classic pieces of art with a contemporary twist. They are elegant, head-turning vessels that truly stand apart from the crowd in any port of call.

Excellence in Craftsmanship

Every piece aboard a Vicem is made and installed by hand – from they creation of the multi-layered mahogany-epoxy composite hull, to the carving of the furniture. We invite you to look deep inside our cabinetry, to explore the recess of our bilges, and you will find a yacht built without compromise.

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