Hampton Yachts New Split-Chine Hull

The new split-chine hull for the Hampton 620, 650,and 720 Pilothouse Motor Yachts is the latest in the development of an advanced-engineered hull form.  This highly refined hull is based on essential experience with many fast yachts and commercial craft for 32 years.  It is also a close cousin and predecessor to the highly successful Endurance Hybrid Hull.


The Hampton Split-Chine hull was originally developed to improve the pre-planning and early-planning economy of high speed craft.  Seeing that major wave-making resistance results from most other hulls’ chines that cross the waterline at a steep angle, Apollonio lowered the chine forward of midships.  At typical cruising speeds, these new chines slide smoothly through the water, instead of pushing it out of the way.  At higher planning speed these boats’ chines perform the same lifting function as others, so there is no disadvantage.  At the same time, the low chines of these hulls smoothly penetrate waves, greatly reducing slamming and harsh ride in rough water.  A well-appreciated by product of this feature, is that chine slap at anchor is eliminated.


In order to control a boat’s bow wave and spray, a near-level upper chine section or spray rail is built into the hull.  This replaces the high forward part of conventional chines, as if the chine had been split into 2 parts.  Hence the term split-chine.  The height and low shallow angle of this spray rail also contributes to improved ride quality in rough water, compared to the steep forward parts of conventional chines.  A constant stream of compliments has resulted from users of these hulls.


The new Hampton Split-Chine Hull has been re-shaped based on prior experience, and to particularly suit the Hampton Pilothouse yachts arrangements, weights, and centres.  Plus, careful fairing of the chine and spray rail into the hull bottom further enhances its ride quality.


The Endurance Hybrid Hull was derived from this hull form by eliminating the forward part of the chine.  Then, that part of the hull was re-shaped to resemble the best of high performance displacement hulls.  This further reduced resistance in the pre-planning realm, typically 12-20 knots.  The hybrid hull’s chines reduce squat/trim, and enable it to run well at early planning speed.  At the same time, it typically matches or exceeds the economy of displacement hulls.


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